Size:2 bath + kitchen + living

Project duration:7 months

Collaborations:Luis Gomez-Sui Design Studio and Kerstin Braun Studio

Project Overview

The “Framed House”, named so for the sophisticated box-style external frame, was finished to perfection. The installation of custom skylights married with custom-cut glass allowed natural light to illuminate the newly formed connection between the original and new parts of the home. Vitrocsa pivot doors created a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, while the inclusion of side doors mounted to the exterior of the brickwork with extra-large reveals internally, add to the sense of spaciousness.


Client insight

Kerstin knows what to expect when it comes to building, having worked in the architectural industry for many years and now with her own interior design studio “Kerstin Braun Design Studio”. The key factors of quality and process were of utmost importance in the decision-making process of choosing the right builder.

“I worked for an architectural firm and one of my colleagues there had worked with Yakka Build.
They’d come highly recommended, so we included them in our tender process. Obviously the quote itself is important, but there are so many other factors as well when going to tender. Experience – definitely the more the better – but also it’s about the personalities of the people, because that’s who you’re really going to be working with.

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