Size:4 bed + 2 bath

Project duration:11 Months

Collaborations:KJP Architecture

Project Overview

This project was an absolute dream for the Yakka Build team. A seamless design for this semi-detached townhouse integrated gorgeous curves, a fresh feel, abundant lighting and easeful flow. In honour of the original home, specially selected elements including the original external facade and the original finishing in the front rooms remained.


Client insight

Organising a renovation is no small feat, but for Residential Architect and Cofounder of Revel Design, Kat was able to draw upon 15 years of experience in the industry to select potential builders for her Bondi renovation. The Yakka Build team were stoked to hear from Kat again, having worked with her on projects as far back as a decade ago.

“When I had a chance to renovate my own home, I knew the most important thing was to work with builders I trusted. I’m fortunate to have had the experience of working with some great builders in Sydney over the years, and I remember those who left an impression.

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