Size:5 bed + 4.5 bath

Project duration:12 Months

Collaborations:Architects Ink

Project Overview

This Californian bungalow has been transformed into an urban sanctuary. The pathway leading to the home feels like a leisurely afternoon stroll, and the pace invokes a ‘slowing down’, reminiscent of the kicked back relaxed vibes of a Californian summer. Modern kitchen, dining and bathrooms refresh the palette, and create a canvas for the outdoor entertainment area to shine from.


Client insight

Paul and Jen had the unique opportunity of watching the unfolding of a full renovation project with Yakka Build, when their next door neighbours decided to renovate. It was a combination of the little things, like the team taking their empty coffee cups with them at the end of the day and keeping the area so clean, and the bigger things, such as their ethics, the way they worked together and the way they ran the site, which all made a lasting impression.

“We didn’t actually go to tender, we were so impressed with the quality of Yakka’s work that we got in touch and said we just wanted them. We’d seen the quality of their work and how they managed a project when they were building for our neighbours. It felt like we almost got to experience the whole renovation process before going through it ourselves. We’d see their team every morning as we were about to take the kids to school, they were always friendly and professional.

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