Neutral Bay


Size:3 Bed + bath + kitchen + courtyard

Project duration:7 months

Collaborations:Architects Ink

Project Overview

‘Henbury Villa’, circa 1830, is an absolute gem and is quite possibly North Sydney’s oldest residential home. It was an honour for Yakka Build to collaborate on this unique and meticulous renovation. Owned by a successful restaurateur from England, the kitchen is second-to-none with the highest grade finishes and hand-selected matching stone sequences, resting atop a large tiled floor to create openness and spaciousness.


Client insight

Celia is one of Yakka Build’s rare and treasured legacy customers. The most recent Neutral Bay renovation is Celia’s third project with the team in the past decade. Mindful of the possible disruptions, Celia took careful consideration in selecting a building team for the first renovation all those years ago. The consideration and care taken during that project was notable, and created a strong foundation for future projects.

“I really value the support and consideration that the Yakka Build team has always given me. 
I know I can trust them to do the right thing. I’ve known their team for more than ten years and they’re so consistent, so kind and also very transparent.

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